Event Recording

One Earth Soil and Root Health Forum
1st March 2021

Healthy and environmentally sustainable food systems start with soil and root health.

Opening and Closing Session

Let’s talk soil and root health!

Solutions focused parallel sessions

Les maladies du sol et l’importance d’un système racinaire sain
Maghreb / Français

Toprak kaynaklı hastalıklar ve sağlıklı kök sisteminin önemi
Türkiye / Türkçe

الأمراض التى تنتقل عن طريق التربة و أهمية وجود مجموع جذري سليم و صحي جمهورية مصر العربية ـ منطقة الشرق الأوسط

No till technologies and seed treatment for soil and root health
Sub-Saharan Africa / English

The state of nematode pressure in South Africa and its impact on plant root and soil health
South Africa / English

Supporting smallholder farmers to improve the health and fertility of their soils: opportunities for public and private sectors to engage
Sub-Saharan Africa / English

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